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About David Gilmartin - Wedding Photographer

I have been taking photographs from an early age. I started out with a Diana film camera purchased at the local Woolworths in the 1960's (yes, the 60's). I then progressed to the big time in the 1970's with a Kodak Instamatic with magicube flash. I still have a lot of photos that were taken with this camera. I spent a couple of summers working in a local photo lab. This was an education in processing colour film and prints. Looking at other peoples photography was a bigger education in things you just should not do with a camera. How about 24 shots of an ear or 24 shots of feet? Yes, those 110 cameras were easy to hold the wrong way round - or upside down ...

I moved on to 35mm film and SLR cameras in the 1980's. The Minolta X-700 was a favourite. During the 1980's, I had an opportunity through my work, to experiment with early digital photography. I invested in a digital camera in the 1990's ( an Olympus D500L) but quickly realised that the technology had not quite caught up with film.

In 2004, I bought my first Canon EOS digital camera, the EOS Digital Rebel (the 300D in Europe). In spite of all his, I am not really a camera geek (turns out that one of my brothers is the real camera geek). I do love film photography and I try to incorporate some of this into my wedding photography work. I have very capable Canon equipment that is used for most of my wedding work. I consider the lenses I use (all Canon L lenses) to be the most important pieces of equipment.

I've worked in the corporate world for over twenty years. I spent spent a year working in the US and extended periods working in Asia. As the Celtic Tiger was starting to drop to its knees, I took the opportunity to turn my photography into a full time commercial venture. Perhaps the timing was not the best ...

So, why am I a Wedding Photographer? Yes, it's a cliché that you will see on every other wedding photographer's web site, but I really enjoy photographing weddings. No two weddings are the same. There is always something new. Weddings are about people and thankfully, we are a diverse lot. It's a challenge to create images that capture the emotion. It's also pleasure to play an important part in a couple's special day. When that day is over, the wedding images are something to treasure for a lifetime.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your requirements for wedding photography or if you need more information.